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Areas of Practice

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Unbundled legal services, also sometimes called “limited representation,” refers to an attorney and client agreeing to limit the scope of the attorney’s involvement in a particular case. It is an attractive option for those who cannot afford to pay an attorney to handle their entire case or those who might desire the attorney’s assistance for one or more discrete tasks. For instance, a client may simply want help drafting the paperwork needed to begin a case or in drafting one particular motion, although wishing to handle the other aspects of their case without an attorney.

If you are interested in some sort of limited representation or unbundled legal services, please contact our firm today, and we can discuss your options. We can discuss your particular case and identify where an attorney might be of most assistance.

Ask about our comprehensive $500 CASE COUNSELING package!

  • preparing you to present your case to the court
  • representing you in a court hearing
  • drafting petitions for divorce or custody
  • drafting parenting plans or separation agreements
  • drafting motions for various requests to the court, including but not limited to motions to modify parenting time, child support, decision-making, etc.
  • assistance with Sworn Financial Statements
  • …and more

We can also set aside some time to outline plans for your entire case, including discussing overall case strategy, evidence development, and ensuring you know of all relevant deadlines as your case progresses.

Feel free to contact us today if you want us to help you in a limited capacity.